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Get Your Emergency Resolved as it happens

As part of GLocalOffers offering we also offer Local Emergency services Directory.

The idea is Simple - Local emergency services directory is designed for pc, tablets and mobile. Its designed in a mind at start to serve Locals in Dublin and Ireland largest cities. Later moving across the border. If someone ever needs to reach a local plumber, mechanic, delivery driver, dentist, electrician, heating service, cleaning service or even TAXI, who serve their local area. Now they can in a time efficient way to reach these services and make inquiries via phone by few taps on their smartphones,

Few example situations where Local Emergency Services directory will be helpful are listed bellow:

You visiting a friend or family in another city of Ireland or even another part of Dublin, you

could easily call local taxi,

• Your car breaks down in a middle of nowhere; you can call a local mechanic to get a help via Local Emergency Services Directory

• You in a pain with your teeth, call local dentist from were ever you are via Local Emergency Services Directory

• Your house is out of heating; get local heating service to fix that via Local Emergency Services Directory

• Your drains explode and your house is flashing, don’t wait, call to local plumber via Local Emergency Services Directory

• You need someone to move your staff; there is a local delivery driver that can take care of

• You out of electricity, but still have a power on your phone, call to local electricity service,

that can get this fixed for you

• After a party need to clean a house, but don’t want to do it, we have a solution, your local

cleaning service is just a tap away!

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