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Monaloo Lodge Monaloo, Killeagh, Co. Cork, P51 WR25, Ireland

Family is very important to me. Im Married to my Rock – Una who is my best friend and Soul mate. Together we have 3 beautiful Daughters who keep us very busy from Monday to Sunday at our Home in East Cork.

The Back Story…
One day I got a Knock at the Door. It was My Neighbours who we knew were getting Married the following Year. They asked me to Photograph their Wedding as a favour – I immediately said No of course. I was only an Amateur/Enthusiast Photographer and had never Photographed something that big. A Family Christening was the Biggest event Id ever Photographed, and even then it was more for myself than anything else.

After a while and some sleepless nights I accidently told them Id shoot their Wedding Day. I dont know why I said it. The words just came flying out of my mouth and I realsied there was no going back. We decided it would be Our Gift to them on their Wedding Day. I had also decided that if the photos came out half decent I would put them into an Album for them.

Thats where it all began. An amateur camera my Parents bought me some years before, hours of reading and watching youtube videos, and an eye for detail thats been with me since my first birthday. I conquered my first Wedding.

From there it has snow balled to where I am now. I left my boring Job and became A Full time Exclusive Professional Wedding Photographer. I may not have any fancy letters after my name or have many awards given to me by unkown made up Photography clubs but I can promise you that I know Wedding Photography inside out.

I could never imagine doing another Job. I dont even considor this work. I get to go to a Wedding every week and do the thing I love doing the most – taking photos and being creative all at the same time.

The reason I only shoot Weddings is that I believe that if you can specialise in one subject you will become the sought after expert for that subject.

I put everything into my Wedding Photography. My heart and Soul. From the very first reply email, to the Shooting on the day, the editing of the photos, the design and layouts of the Albums and even the final delivery. I try my best to make it an experience that all my Bride and Grooms wont forget. Im not afraid to admit that Im a bit OCD about some things but I think thats whats giving me my edge. Im fanatical about details, contrast and time.

Wedding Days should be fun, laid back, relaxed and need to flow from start to finish. When this happens you get fun, relaxed photos of your Wedding Day.

Some Photographers are just too focused on their camera settings.

Its onwards and upwards from here.

Hope to be meeting you soon and make you part of my Life Journey.

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