Mobile Websites

Mobile Websites has to be the No. 1 priority when you designing a mobile strategy as it is the place where your customers will land once they will act on your promotions while they are using their smartphone devices!

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Mobile Coupons

Mobile Coupons are great addon to mobile strategy which allow businesses to track their success while offering customers reason to visit them more frequently and spend more money on their offerings!

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Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps is a great addon to mobile Marketing if you are using and promoting the right way. Before building an app or investing in to app development, make sure you clearly now the goal and the purpose why you looking for an app been developed!

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What Small Businesses Need To Know About Mobile Marketing

As a small business owner  you’ve probably already had someone knocking on your door, emailing you or calling you to get a mobile website. If you haven’t already, believe me it’s coming and they are going to try and sell you on how they can build you a mobile site so that you can connect with your audience while they are on-the-go. Now while this is 100% true , I want you to understand why you should be listening to them even though their sales pitch probably sucks more times than not. Now, it’s important to note that you shouldn’t settle on who you work with to mobilize your site. You want to find the right partner, freelancer or solution that fits your needs and budget. As a business owner mobile, can be your best friend. In fact, I’ll bet you that when done right you’ll get more results compared to your social media efforts. “But social media is free” you might say. The only way social media is free if you value your own time and energy at $0. Social media is not free, period. Now I’m not here to bash on social media because mobile is very much social and you should understand that. I’m not even telling you that you should stop your social media efforts. What I’m saying is that when you approach mobile the right way it can have a significant impact on your business. As a small business owner, here are some things you should know about mobile marketing.